Pretty hands do pretty things when pretty times arrive.

Monday, May 14, 2007

There are two colours in my head.

I have two finals on the last days of finals on the last day of the school year. I'm really earning this beach trip. Which starts tomorrow at approximately 12:30. Woot.

So today will be spent studying, hopefully reading for a bit, and putting the finishing touches on Joy's present. Now the weather tomorrow night just needs to stay clear and all will be well.

And I finally am the proud owner of the Kid A record from Radiohead. Finally, after months. And months. And months. Well, maybe not that many months.

Anyone who recognizes my quotes will know how excited I am.


"Everything in its right place.."

Friday, May 11, 2007

Over my dead body.

Haha. I'm in the library and it's been at least a year since I could day that. This'll be a short one, I'll write more later. I have sunny day to enjoy.


"Turn me back into the pet I was when we met."

Thursday, May 03, 2007

"When the lights go down in the city."

One day closer to the end.

I turned in my journals this morning and was rewarded with a little less weight of responsibility on my shoulders. Also, I had a lunch date by the Breeches to look forward to with Joy. And I made sure to get photo evidence.

What a gorgeous day! And now that I have significantly less work, I can enjoy this lovely weather that God has blessed Granthm with. I can also enjoy Rob's birthday. Yes, the rumors that Robert Wilkinson turned 22 today are very true. We decided to throw a surprise party just before the Office, complete with ice cream cone cakes and Sun Chips.

I have even more video evidence below (Rob's in the pink).
It's been a good day.

Monday, April 30, 2007

"What I am to you."

Well, my Genetics paper convinced me to stay up late. I may as well make good use of the time.

What a weekend! Fireworks at City Island on Friday night--which were surprisingly awesome. My friends and I wrapped up the night with a quick game of Disney Scene-it. Apparently, everyone on my team had "seen it" because we pretty much won way faster than anyone else i can remember. True story.

Saturday evening brought a four car caravan and a half hour drive out to Gettysburg for some good old-fashioned ghost tours. The tour was pretty awesome. We didn't get any quality shots of orbs, though (ghost tour talk for ghosts). Afterwards, it was a diner on Route 15 and a patty melt in my mouth.

Sunday saw me watching Gattaca with Joy and then making the trip to meet her family. And I'm talking family: Parents, aunts, sisters, brothers-in-law, nephews, and nieces. Most time was spent playing "Who Can Build the Coolest Lego?" with the nephews which was awesome. They even gave me a new moniker: Uncle Persy.

And I just finished my Genetics paper.

Gettysburg was fun. Joy and I are going to go back, I think.


"The disasters that God ordains are not aimed at paralyzing his people with indifference, but mobilizing them with compassion."

Thursday, April 26, 2007

"And I'm not ready for this sort of thing."

Fun night out with the future roommates. A nice glass of Sam Adams. Also, Freddy apparently plays pool well. Go figure.

And I have a set of keys that aren't mine.


"Your choice took far too long."

Monday, April 23, 2007

That's quite the abrev.

So far this week has opened with an extra Dave Matthews ticket, a new Brian Regan ticket, and a pretty ghastly grade on a Stats test.

In my defense, it was poorly formatted and I studied too hard on the wrong things. But, eh well, I learn from my mistakes. I just wish i could have Saturday and the Breeches back for a few minutes...or hours.

No Reston Community Church for me this weekend. I asked, but my Chemistry essay, my Genetics position paper, my "Stem Cell" position paper, my last chem lab, and my Corporate Social Responsibility paper, and at least 6 hours of sleep a night said "No." Stang. I'm counting on fingers the days until i'm back in good ol' NOVA hanging out with my favorite church plant crew.

Enjoy the sun. It's a cool 84 degrees in Grantham right now. I'm planning a nap and then i just might get my essay on in the afternoon sun. How will you enjoy your day?


"It's 11 pm. Do you know where you're Brad is?"

Thursday, April 19, 2007

"We don't want the monster taking over."

What a week.

I am so blessed. Blessed with a family that supports me, blessed with great friends who never let me get too serious (I try to keep myself that way too), and blessed by a gracious and powerful and loving God.

It's funny how you can live for a bit in some circle of light and, even when taking a giant (and potentially catastrophic) leap into the darkness at the edge, everything can fall into place and it's just astounding. So now that that's off my chest...

Today, Messiah College was closed...for the Special Olympics. These Olympics were part of "Service Day", an all-day event in which Messiah students participate in service projects from refurbishing low-income housing in Harrisburg, to working at local food banks, to...well, the Special Olympics. And what a Special Olympics it was.

The kid that I was a "Buddy" for was named Taz. He was a 6-grader from a local elementary and he was pretty shy at first. But when we met up with some of his friends before the 50-meter dash, this kid just lit up. They were running around and talking about who could run the fastest and they even thought it was just great and dandy to put "bunny-ears" behind peoples' heads with their two fingers...despite there not being a single camera in sight! And then, Taz's step-dad met up with us, and he and I cheered Taz on during his heat. I gotta tell you, it's a great and refreshing and humbling sight to see a father (well, step-father) who loves his son so dearly and is just totally satisfied and excited to watch his kid get 6th place in a local Special Olympics race.

And now I have three papers and some studying to do. But it's been a good week. To borrow from Nacho:

"Really good!"

Pray for the families and kids affected by the VT tragedy.


"Go and tell the king that the sky is falling in. But it's not."